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Gazette 147

A Journey Through BHUTAN  June 2016

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Dressed for Kurjey festival   At Kurjey festival
Dressed for Kurjey festival / Sheila at the festival with local people

Karma at Kurjey festival   Snap!
Karma opposite Kurjey temple / Snap!

Sheila at festival   Locals enjoying our lunchbox
Sheila during festival lunch break / As usual our lunchbox was far too much for us, but delighted our fellow attendees

Karma & Derek on balcony
Karma & Derek on balcony watching the festival
Roadside digger  Roadside restaurant
En route back to the west. On our 2 day drive back to Paro, a distance of about 200 miles, we counted
152 mechanical diggers / Small roadside restaurant where we stopped for lunch

Sheila on riverside balcony  Sheila, Passang & Sonam
Near Wangdue we stayed overnight at a riverside lodge. Sheila on our balcony before breakfast /
We visited Karma's house in Thimphu again for lunch. Sad farewell to Passang & Sonam

Road sign   Cannabis plants
On our way into Paro, we had to wait whilst a plane landed at the airport /
Cannabis grows wild all over Bhutan, including the streets in Paro

Derek near Paro Dzong  Sheila at Paro Dzong
After checking back into our Paro hotel, we went for a wander. An archery match was over
so we wandered down to Paro Dzong in the slight drizzle. Derek by the collection of chorten /
Sheila just inside the Paro Dzong grounds after walking over the old river bridge

Paro town
Last glimpse at Paro main street..

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016