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Gazette 147

A Journey Through BHUTAN  June 2016

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Cocktail cabinet  Sheila at Guru Rinpoche site
Our well equipped travelling cocktail cabinet - Bhutanese port-like red wine (goes well with spicy foods), cognac,
lime-infused local gin, & tonics (!) / Sheila at site associated with Guru Rinpoche en route to the Ha Valley

Derek & Karma at high pass  Sign at Chele La (pass)
Chele La is the highest motor road pass in Bhutan at 13 000 feet

Lunch  Making momos
Lunch in the Ha valley - 8% alcohol v/v local beer & momos (boiled or fried stuffed dumplings) /
Momos being made in the restaurant kitchen - dough made with millet flour

Making momos  Road to Tibet
The momo stuffing in the bowl, dough in bag / Just inside the restricted area in the far west of Bhutan
This road leads to the border with Tibet only a short distance away, not an open crossing but used unofficially...

Room in Farmhouse  Man preparing hot stone baths
Our sitting room in Ha farmhouse / Man preparing hot stone baths for us in outhouse
Rocks are heated to red hot on a wood fire then plunged into local spring water in wooden baths until it is very hot
The infusion of minerals from the rocks is regarded as beneficial to the bathers having a long soak

Farmhouse bedroom  Water heater
Our bedroom in the farmhouse / Discovering this object in our bathroom, an uninsulated metal coil wound
around a wood former & weighted with a heavy stone, out of interest we turned it on, when it promptly caught fire.
We discovered later it was intended as a water heater...

Bear's head  Sheila with black bear skin
The floor in our sitting room was adorned with a black bear skin
The head / Sheila rests her feet on the body

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016