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Gazette 147

A Journey Through BHUTAN  June 2016

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Road blocked again  Sheila at Yalung La
Just one more delay as digger clears the road / Sheila at Yutong La (11 650 ft) between Trongsa & Bumthang

Yutong La  Sheila & Derek beer break
Karma at Yutong La / Druk 11000 beer in nice orange mugs at Nimalung temple the day before the festival

View from hotel in Chume Valley  Sheila being dressed by girl at hotel
Lovely view from our hotel room in Chume Valley / Sheila being dressed by hotel girl...

Sheila being dressed  Derek being dressed
...now the new jacket / Derek being dressed by Karma & our driver in a lovely silk gho loaned by Karma
Bhutan dress involves careful folding & tucking for both genders

Sheila at festival  Sheila & Derek enjoying lunch break
At Nimalung festival

Fried pork sausages  Lunch at the festival
Lunch at the festival - delicious fried pork sausages, boiled vegetable momos, crispy coated potato mash
& delicious crispy belly pork in onion & tomato sauce (not shown) on which Sheila breaks a tooth!

Sheila with G & T
Sheila enjoying a G & T in our room in new hotel in Jakar before dinner

Weaving loom   Hand woven cloth
Calling in at small place in Jakar town for beers & snack we noticed a hand weaving loom
The lady showed us the "very fine black/white weave which appears silvery grey...
She gets paid" about £65 "for 2 rolls which look about 10m long each." (Sheila's journal)

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016