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Gazette 147

A Journey Through BHUTAN  June 2016

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Our hotel in Paro   Market
Our hotel in Paro / Our friend Karma & Sheila in market in Paro shopping for fruit

Sheila on horse   Sheila & Derek on horseback
Mounted up on ponies for the gruelling climb up the rough track to see the Taktsang Hermitage

Adjusting stirrup  Stopping for a drink
Pony handler having trouble extending the stirrup enough / Pony & rider stopping for a drink on the climb up

Sheila & pony  Derek & pony
Since we last made this trip, the government has restricted how far up the ponies are allowed to go
Sheila with her pony who took a fancy to Derek before trying to eat her hat

Sheila & Taktsang Hermitage  Derek with prayer wheels & Taktsang Hermitage
Sheila with Taktsang in the background / Derek with prayer wheels & Taktsang

Taktsang Hermitage
Taktsang is the most sacred place in Bhutan

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016