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Gazette 147

A Journey Through BHUTAN  June 2016

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Taj Tashi hotel  Derek & Sheila with martinis
We always enjoy staying at the fine hotels in the Taj Hotels group in India. The group opened the
Taj Tashi in Thimphu (left) in 2008. We enjoyed gin martini cocktails in the hotel bar one evening.

Lunch dish  Visiting the temple of the Divine Madman
Onion bhaji snack / Karma & Sheila walking up to Chime temple - associated with the Divine Madman

Sheila at Chime temple  Sheila in car
Sheila at Chime temple / Enjoying being bounced about for hours over terrible mountain roads...

Fried yak skin  Small restaurant in Bajo town
We had a break in a tiny restaurant in Bajo town in Wangdue whilst searching for tonic waters to no avail.
Inedible fried yak skin / The well stocked bar

Crane blocks road  Karma & Sheila
Not only were the roads difficult because of the rainy season as usual, but an extremely ambitious road widening
scheme is being implemented. One of the many delays we encountered was caused by this broken down crane.
The blue digger is building a rough temporary road around it for traffic to pass /
Karma & Sheila enjoy a lunch break

Children playing with water   Road workers
Children playing with water / Road workers drill into roadside cliff for rock blasting

Derek with Trongsa in backgound  Auspicious rainbow
Derek with Trongsa town behind across the valley / Auspicious rainbow greeting our arrival at Trongsa

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016