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Gazette 143

HONG KONG Mid Autumn Festival 2015

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SUNDAY 27 September

Butcher's stall  Menu
Pork butcher's stall in North Point / Menu in a favourite small restaurant
Note second item down "The acid and peppery cloud are swallowed"

Baked oysters  Spicy crab
Dinner in another favourite restaurant - 5 of the biggest oysters we've ever seen, baked in chinese wine with
crunchy fried onions,  & a large crab cooked with a crispy chilli topping

Lanterns in Victoria Park  Illumonations in Victoria Park
Then on to the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations in Victoria Park

Acrobats  Acrobats
Acrobats perform on the stage in the park

Sheila  Victoria Parlk
Sheila in the park with revellers / The park from our hotel room

MONDAY 28 September

View from hotel room
Panoramic view from our hotel room on the 28th floor

Derek on tram  Sheila in park
A first ever sight - Derek on an empty tram (it was a public holiday) heading for Western Market
where we enoyed a picnic lunch of char sui roast pork & Tsingtao beers in a small park on the harbourside

Millennium Plaza   Dinner
We then wandered back to Grand Millennium Plaza & on to dinner in a Shanghainese restaurant -
half a roasted duck with fluffy steamed dumplings, sweet & chilli shrimp meat, & Tientsin cabbage & ham

Full moon
The full moon seen from Victoria Park whilst we enjoyed durian fruit & wine

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2015