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Gazette 143

HONG KONG Mid Autumn Festival 2015

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SATURDAY 26 September

Fire Dragon Sign  Fire Dragon drummers]
Tai Hang Fire Dragon Sign / Drummers summoning the dragon

Girls with lanterns  Fire Dragon drummers
Little girls bearing lanterns welcoming the dragon / The drumming speeds up as the time for the dragon to appear approaches

Girls with lanterns  Girls with lanterns

Lanterns  Bagpipers
More lanterns plus Scottish bagpipes...

Drummers  The Fire Dragon
...& drummers / We get a glimpse of the dragon's tail as it dives down a side street
The Tai Hang Fire Dragon is a 67m long straw head & tail in 32 sections. The head alone weighs 48kg. The dragon is
covered with 70 000 lit incense sticks & is carried by nearly 300 performers. It runs & dances around a maze of small
streets in what was once a small fishing village. The tradition, always coinciding with Mid Autumn Festival, has been
celebrated since the 1880s.

Fire Dragon  Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon  Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon  Fire Dragon
The body & tail finally disappear from view

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2015