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Gazette 134

INDIA  Goa & Mumbai  21 Dec '14 - 2 Jan '15

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1 January 2015

Taj Palace hotel
The corner of the Taj Palace from our room in the Tower

Sheila  Derek
Sheila & Derek enjoying a bottle of bubbly in the hotel Aquarius Lounge restaurant

2 January

The Taj Palace Hotel Mumbai
Our room at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Derek  Masala Kraft restaurant
Derek in the room prior to dinner in the hotel's Masala Kraft restaurant

Last dinner in India - Alleppey prawns, Martabaan lamb cooked in an earthen pot with pickled chilli & red millet pulka

APPENDIX - travel martinis in Margao hotel
Travel accesories required - ice cube maker, hip flask containing Noilly Prat, plastic wine glasses & spoon, Swiss Army Knife

Ice  Vermouth
Add plenty of ice to water glass / Add vermouth to taste

Gin  Stir
Add local gin (£1.80 a bottle) / Stir mixture well

Pour  Martini
Spoon out ice & serve cocktail in chilled glasses / Add a twist of lime peel


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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2014/15