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Gazette 134

INDIA  Goa & Mumbai  21 Dec '14 - 2 Jan '15

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24 December 2014

Drinks  Lunch
Back at the beach - Sheila's new lunchtime tipple (fresh lime soda with local vodka) / Prawn chilli fry & fish fingers

Sheila  Pedro's
Sheila at the beach ready for a swim / Derek back at Pedro's post swim

Pedro's  Venice restaurant
Since last year Pedro's has expanded once again / Venice garden restaurant in Margao

25 December

Chrismas lunch  Sheila outside hotel
Lunch at Longuinhos - spicy sausage roll & beef, chicken & shrimp puffs (all cooked on the premises)
on the left is a gift from the management of guava "cheese" / Sheila outside our hotel

26 December

Longuinhos at night
Longuinhos at night

Dinner  Dinner
Dinner at Margao Residency's restaurant
Reshmi tandoori chicken kebabs with whipped egg white & spun sugar topping, creamy malai kofta & nan bread

27 December

Dinner  Dinner
Dinner in the Venice Garden - king prawns, beef tongue estoffade & chapattis

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2014/15