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Gazette 134

INDIA  Goa & Mumbai  21 Dec '14 - 2 Jan '15

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28 December 2014

Derek  Lunch
Derek in Pedro's with local King's beer / Lunch of prawn chilli fry & fried sausages

Indian ladies bathing in their saris

29 December

Sausages  Lunch
In Margao covered market - those lovely spicy sausages /
Lunch in the Venice garden - chicken liver & prawn chilli fry with Kingfisher Strong beer

Dinner in Longuinhos - chicken makhanwala & dhal fry

30 December  Mumbai

The Gateway
The gateway to India from our hotel room

Crab  Crab
Dinner at Apoorva restaurant - delicious butter garlic crab (which was alive a few minutes earlier) & chapattis

The gateway at night
The Gateway lightshow

31 December

Sheila  Sheila
Sheila browsing the silk in the state Cottage Industries store & in the road next to the hotel with the Gateway in the background

Derek on the harbour wall

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2014/15