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Gazette 126

INDIA Goa & Bombay December 2013/January 2014

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27 December at the beach

coconut stand
Fresh coconut water stand at the beach head

beach  beach
A little more surf today

Since last year, Pedro's has been re-painted in a lurid green
When we first visited Goa twenty years ago, Pedro's was a single small beach hut with a sand floor & plenty of flies

Dinner at Longuinhos - mutton birianee, pork vindaloo & mixed raita

30 December - last visit to the beach this year

lunch   Derek
Our favourite Pedro's lunch again / Derek has a last paddle

30 December

Derek at lunch
Derek enjoys a last lunch this year at the Venice

On New Year's Eve we flew back up to Bombay for a few days at the Taj Palace, our all time favourite hotel

Gateway to India   Taj Palace hotel
Views from our hotel room - the imposed pattern is due to the fact I had to shoot through mosquito netting
which was normally invisible to the human eye...

Derek  Sheila
Back again in our favourite Mumbai bar - the Gokul...

G & T
...to enjoy aperitifs - a quarter bottle of local gin (£1.70) (even cheaper in Goa)

fireworks  Gateway to India
Out on the streets, fireworks at midnight bring in the New Year /
Revellers at the Gateway to India (far fewer than in previous years)

3 January 2014


A last lunchtime drink in the Gokul

Saturday 4 January

Sunrise over the Gateway to India before an afternoon flight home

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2013/14