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Gazette 73

NEW YORK  28-31 August 2009

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Staten Island Ferry  Statue of Liberty
The Staten Island ferry & the Statue of Liberty

Sheila on the ferry pier / Nice old building opposite the ferry building

Brooklyn Bridge  
Brooklyn Bridge / Derek outside the Iroquois Hotel on W 44th Street where James Dean lived for 2 years in the early 1950s
(unfortunately the hotel bar named for him was closed on Sundays so we went along the street for a drink instead)

The Algonquin   Sheila in the Algonquin
The Algonquin hotel famous for the Round Table that met there for lunch from 1919 for a decade,
& included Marc Connelly, George S Kaufman, Alexander Woollcott, Dorothy Parker & Harpo Marx /
Sheila enjoys a gin martini cocktail in The Algonquin lounge

Times Square   Times Square
Times Square area at night

Radio City   Waldorf Astoria
Appearing a couple of weeks after we left - Aretha Franklin! / Waldorf Astoria main entrance

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2009