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Gazette 73

NEW YORK  28-31 August 2009

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White Horse Tavern   MacDougal Street
The White Horse Tavern on Hudson Street where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death & other famous patrons included
James Baldwin, Norman Mailer, Seymour Krim, Hunter S Thompson & Jack Kerouac who lived across the street (left) /
MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village - in the 1950/60s the premises on the left housed the Gas Light Cafe where writers
including Jack Kerouac gave readings & Bob Dylan performed whilst he was living in an upstairs apartment (right)

Cafe Wha!  Dean & Deluca's
Sheila opposite Cafe Wha! in Greenwich Village where a number of famous musicians & comedians including Woody Allen,
Lenny Bruce, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix & Bruce Springsteen were "discovered" (left) /
Dean & Deluca's original food emporium in SoHo (right)

Sheila in Dean & Deluca's  Tibetan flag
Sheila browses their impressive selection of fine produce / The Tibetan Flag flies in Prince Street off southern Broadway

Skyscraper   Empre State building
Skyscrapers including the Empire State (right)

Chrysler Building
The Chrysler building

  Sheila in Grand Central Sation Oyster Restaurant
The interior of Grand Central Station / Sheila enjoying oysters in the Grand Central Station Oyster Bar & Restaurant

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2009