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Gazette 53

INDIA - Tamil Nadu  March 2008

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Chennai traffic lights  Hindu temple
Traffic light drag strip / Kapaleeshwarar temple

Chennai beach fishermen
Fishing boats on Chennai beach

Lorna & John
Lorna & John in Thai costume after attending a reception for the visiting Thai Princess
where John presented the flowers to Her Royal Highness

Chennai in the rain  Sheila in the rain
Sheila wades through the streets after a torrential downpour

Gareth in the rain  
Gareth & Sheila
"I'm sure it's not supposed to rain at this time of year..."

Family in auto-rickshaw   Family in auto-rickshaw
Arriving back at the apartment by auto-rickshaw after dining out

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Many thanks to Gareth, Patty, Lorna & John for their generous & kind hospitality
Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2008