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Gazette 53

INDIA - Tamil Nadu  March 2008

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Gareth, Sheila & Lorna at temple  
Sheila with garland
Gareth, Sheila & Lorna at
Kapaleeshwarar Hindu temple

  Kapaleeshwarar temple
The temple

Mobile shrine
Large portable shrine being prepared for the Brahmothsavam festival

The temples at Mamallapuram were declared a UNESCO World heritage site in 1984

Sheila with basking kid  Temple & lighthouse
Sheila on huge rock with kid / Ancient temple & modern lighthouse

Temple gate  Temple relief
Ancient temple gate / Fine sculpted temple relief

Gareth, Sheila & young trader  Gareth & Sheila with young trader
Small trader fails to make a sale to Gareth & Sheila

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Many thanks to Gareth, Patty, Lorna & John for their generous & kind hospitality
Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2008