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Gazette 156

INDIA  December 2017

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Sheila  Hotel room
Sheila on our first visit to the beach / Gifts of port, cake & flowers in "our room" in the Margao hotel where we stay every year

Crib  Crib
Christmas cribs are a tradition in Goa - this is the public one in the Municipal Gardens

Nativity scene  
The Nativity scene in the crib

Indian meal   Local beer
Colourful evening meal at our local bar/restaurant / Local beer

Derek  Beach restaurant
Derek in another favourite restaurant in Margao / Pedro's beach restaurant which has grown & grown since our first visit in 1993

Fishing boat
Launching of a fishing boat

Derek with egg seller
Back in Mumbai - Derek with a man who makes a living selling hard boiled eggs

Near Year revellers   Hotel
Revellers on New Year's Eve

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2017