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Gazette 156

INDIA  December 2017

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Sheila  Crab
Sheila ready to venture out for a birthday dinner in a favourite seafood restaurant /
After approving the live 2lb crab it arrived cooked in butter pepper garlic minutes later

Delicious with Indian flatbreads & a bottle of wine

Decoration  Decoration
Every day a new petal decoration

Hotel room  Hotel room
A scoot around our lovely room

Hotel room  Hotel room
Our anniversary cards on the table (left)

Derek in poolside bar   Sheila
Celebrating our Coral Anniversary (35 years)
Derek with bubbly in the hotel Aquarius poolside bar & Sheila wearing her new Bhutanese coral necklace with a gin martini
in the hotel Harbour Bar (the first licensed bar in Mumbai) before a meal in the hotel Masala Kraft restaurant

Sunrise over the harbour on the morning we departed for Goa

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2017