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Gazette 155

Mid Autumn Festival HONG KONG 2017

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The full moon on mid Autumn Festival  Sheila in Victoria Park
A glimpse of the full moon on mid Atumn Festival / Sheila in Victoria Park with the illuminations

Deep fried mutton  Tiensin cabbage with ham & prawns with noodles
A meal in the famous northern cuisine Spring Deer restaurant in Kowloon - deep fried mutton, Tiensin cabbage with ham, and noodles with prawns

Chef carving Beijing Duck   Derek in North Point
Chef carving their famous Beijing Duck / Derek on the quaiside at North Point with ferry in background

Hotel & panda lantern   Tai Hang Dragon
One of the giant panda lanterns in Victoria Park with our hotel in background / The Tai Hang Fire Dragon has its incense sticks replaced

Tai Hang Dragon mooncake  Mooncake
Kiki Lo gave us VIP tickets for the Fire Dragon Dance where we were given souvenir mooncakes (a tradition at mid Autumn Festival)

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2017