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Gazette 140

12-20 June 2015

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17 June 2015 continued
Sheila & Derek in Congo Square  Jade in Congo Square
Sheila & Derek have a breather* whilst Jade explores Congo Square in Louis Armstrong Park

Jade & Sheila in hotel lobby  Food
Jade & Sheila in hotel lobby before setting out for Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar for aperitifs & Cochon restaurant for dinner /
Louisiana cochon with cabbage & preserved peach pickle

Red fish  Beef
Redfish with lemony onions / Seared beef short rib with green beans - all delicious

18 June 2015

Sheal & jade on streetcar  Streetcar
Sheila & Jade on the St Charles Ave streetcar which we rode all the way to Carolton through the pleasant vistas
of the Garden District / St Charles line streetcar

Margaritas   Mexican meal
On the way back we stopped off for lunch at a small Mexican restaurant - Margaritas with home-made
tortilla chips with a red & a green spicy dip / Chorizo & eggs with avocado, refried beans & rice...*

Shrimp slad
... & delicious shrimp salad*

The Hendersons take cocktails in the hotel bar  Turtle soup
The Hendersons take cocktails in the hotel bar before strolling down to a favourite restaurant Bon Ton Cafe /
Turtle soup enriched with pour your own sherry

Soft shell crab  Crab
Soft shell crab Alvin topped with crabmeat / Fried Louisiana soft shell crab with homemade Tartare sauce -
both with crispy brussels sprouts

Shrimp in butter lemon sauce  Bread pudding
Pan broiled Louisiana shrimp with garlic, butter & lemon sauce with creamed cauliflower /
The inevitable bread pudding with whiskey sauce. It was all delicious!

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2015 except * © Jade Henderson 2015