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Gazette 140

12-20 June 2015

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14 June 2015

Jade & Derek  Sheila & Derek
Having a relax in the cathedral square en route to day 2 of the festival

Entrance to the French market  Jade & Sheila with refreshments
The entrance to the French Market / Jade & Sheila with refreshments

Hula hooper   Jon Cleary playing
There were free hula hoops available at the Abita Beer backstage area /
Jon Cleary performs with The Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Festivalgoer   Lunch
Insert own caption / Ah -  a bite of lunch in Felix's Oyster Bar & Restaurant*

Sheila & Derek

15 June 2015

The Chart Room  The Natchez Paddlesteamer
Sheila re-establishes contact with barperson Julie at our favourite bar - The Chart Room /
The Natchez paddlesteamer on the mighty Mississippi

Creole Queen paddlesteamer  Paddlesteamer
The Creole Queen paddlesteamer / The Natchez docking

Streetcar  The Jax Brewery building
The Riverfront streetcar / Building that once housed the Jax Brewery

Sheila & Jade at the Bombay Club bar   Derek & Jade
Sheila & Jade enjoying a cocktail in the fine Bombay Club martini bar /
Derek & Jade after a good meal in the restaurant

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2015 except * © Jade Henderson 2015