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Gazette 136

La Rochelle  Easter 2015

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Dancers   Dancers
Part of the celebrations was live music & dancing - this reminded us of the Fais Do Do stage at New Orleans Jazzfest

Band  Dancers
The band (complete with piano accordian) / It livened up a bit when they played some rock 'n' roll

L'Hermione  Sunbeam
L'Hermione in profile / We had cold & damp weather over the weekend, so were pleased to glimpse some sunbeams

Derek on harbourside  Sheila on balcony
Derek enjoying a glass of wine on the harbourside / Sheila on our balcony on the last morning

View from our balcony
The view inland from our balcony

The booty from our trip - cosmetics from Southampton airport duty free, some top quality 
foie gras entier (both goose & duck),
a four piece can of duck confit, a kg of Ile de Re sea salt, bottled black truffles in truffle juice, a jar of "everyday" duck foie gras,
& a slab of artisanal 80% cocoa butter dark chocolate studded with nuts & dried fruits...

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2015