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Gazette 136

La Rochelle  Easter 2015

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Sheila on balcony
Sheila on the balcony of our hotel suite on our first evening

Cafe  Breakfast
Sheila orders Petit Dejeuner at our favourite boulangerie/patisserie - grand cafe creme & pain au chocolat

Cafe de la Paix  Baker stall
The interior of the magnificent Cafe de la Paix / Baker's stall at the open market
The large loaves are cut to size to customer's preference & sold by weight

The covered market  Canal
A favourite haunt, the covered market / Canal leading down into the harbour

Sheila with moules frites  L'Hermione
Sheila enjoying moules frites lunch in a harbourside restaurant / L'Hermione
L'Hermione is a modern replica of the ship that carried Lafayette to America in 1780
There was big excitement in La Rochelle, where L'Hermione was spending a few days before sailing
to America to replicate Lafayette's journey. The trip across the Atlantic is expected to take 27 days.

small pleasure boat   Rigging on tall ship
Miniature pleasure boat in the harbour / Some of L'Hermione's rigging

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2015