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Gazette 117

Hong Kong Jan 26 - 2 Feb 2013

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We had planned a visit to Po Lin monastery on Lantau island on Derek's birthday,
but postponed it a day so that a recovered Jade could come

Derek & Jade   Jade & tallest building
Derek & Jade awaiting the Outlying Islands ferry /
Jade with Hong Kong's tallest bulding in background (International Commerce Centre 1588 ft)

Views of harbour from ferry  View of harbour from ferry
View of harbour from the ferry / The long bridge linking the mainland to Lantau island

Monastery gate  The giant Buddha
The main gateway to Po Lin monastery / View of the giant Buddha from below

Climbing up to the big Buddha   Climbing up to the giant Buddha
Climbing up the 260 steps to the Buddha figure

New temple under construction  Giant Buddha
View from the Buddha of the huge new temple under construction / The Tian Tan Buddha

Images in Po Lin temple  Tian Tan Buddha
View of the interior of Po Lin monastery temple / Last view of the Buddha before departure back to Hong Kong island

Evening cocktails in Wanchai  Our reservation at American restaurant
Happy Hour cocktails in the Devil's Advocate bar in Wanchai / Our reservation at a favourite restaurant

American restaurant  Street scene
We had an excellent northern Chinese meal at the American Restaurant / Walking home through Causeway Bay

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Photographs © Derek, Sheila & Jade Henderson 2013