Spent Brothers Productions
Gazette 117

Hong Kong Jan 26 - 2 Feb 2013

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Birthday boy  Derek with birthday cake
Derek kicks off the big day by opening his birthday cards with a snifter / Just as Derek was getting dressed,
a complimentary birthday cake with lit candle was delivered

Birthday cake  Picnic
After a wander in the area, we enjoyed a picnic lunch of crispy pork, char siu & durian in Victoria Park...

Complimentray cocktails  Champagne on the balcony
...followed by complimentary cocktails in the hotel's Panorama lounge,
a bottle of champagne on the balcony of a favourite Wanchai bar The Pawn...

Spicy crab  Baked oysters
...& on to the restaurant for a large spicy crab & oysters baked in Chinese "wine"...

End of meal
...which we demolished with relish

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Photographs © Derek, Sheila & Jade Henderson 2013