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Fairmont Hotel  
The Fairmont Hotel on Mason Street / The Pacific Union Club at Huntington Park

Building near Huntington Park
Building on Russian Hill

Powell Street  Russell Street
29 Russell Street / Derek outside the house
Neal & Carolyn Cassady moved into this house in 1949. Jack Kerouac stayed with them in the upstairs attic several times.
During his stay from December 1951 to April 1952, he was working on the experimental book "Visions Of Neal",
parts of which were inserted into his later best seller "On The Road". As "Visions Of Cody" the work was finally
fully published in 1972, 3 years after his premature death.

  Cresta's Twent Two Eleven Club   Derek outside Cresta's Club
The nearby Cresta's Twenty Two Eleven Club on Polk Street where Kerouac drank whilst in the area

Ghiradelli building   Ghiradelli building
The former chocolate factory Ghiradelli building on North Point Street

Old boat   Columbus Avenue
The C19th CE square rigger Balclutha in Aquatic Park / View across to the Tosca Cafe from Vesuvio

Derek   Derek
Derek in Vesuvio with a beer & the local free magazine, & outside City Lights Books opposite

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2012