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Union Square from hotel room   Old tram
View down on Union Square from hotel room / Old tram on the Embarcadero

Ferry Building   Cable car
The Ferry Building / California Street Cable Car

Plaque  Chinese dinner
Plaque commemorating Robert Louis Stevenson in Bush Street / Dinner at the Hunan Home's Restaurant
in Chinatown - stir fried snow pea leaves with garlic, tea smoked duck & Hunan scallops

City Lights bookshop   Sheila in Vesuvio's
The corner of City Lights Books at Jack Kerouac Alley / Sheila upstairs in the Vesuvio bar
Both have long associations with the Beats - Allen Ginsberg, Kerouac et al

Plaque  Broadway & Columbus Avenue
Pavement monument to Kerouac in the alley / The Columbus Avenue - Broadway intersection

Siegel's shop  Lori's diner beer bar
Siegel's menswear shop (established 1889)  "authentic 1930's/1940's swing era Zoot Suits, Accessories, and
much, much more" / The beer bar in 1950's themed Lori's diner at 149 Powell Street

Street sign
Ah yes, we must be in California...

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2012