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BEZIERS  8-11 July 2011

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The C14th CE romanesque Cathedral Sainte-Navaire

The theatre  old building
Beziers has many attractive old buildings including the C19 CE Municipal Theatre (left)

Les Halles  Madeleine church
The old covered market Les Halles / The tower of Madeleine Church

Derek  Madeleine church
Derek at the Farmers Market in Place de la Madeleine / Inside the historic Sainte Madeleine Church
Originally built on a C4th CE rampart it has been modified & renovated a number of times, the tower dating from the C14th CE
In 1209 CE, a large number of people sheltering from the Crusaders were burned to death as Cathars in the church

Madeleine church  Madeleine church
More views of the church

Sheila   Derek  
Sheila & Derek enjoying refreshing half litres of Leffe beer opposite Les Halles

Old building
The old balconied buildings reminded us of the French Quarter in New Orleans

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2011