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Gazette 96

GRENADA 2-9 March 2011

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First night, Sheila enjoying a rum nightcap at the end of a very long day...

Night lights  Night lights
...looking at the lights of Grand Anse & St George's across the bay

Grand Anse bay   Grand Anse bay
Views of Grand Anse from our balcony the next morning

Bird  Derek
Bird "hiding" by standing perfectly still / Derek en route for a swim at Morne Rouge bay

Grand Anse bay  Morne Rouge bay
Views down to Grand Anse & Morne Rouge bays

Morne Rouge bay  St George's
Morne Rouge bay / Rainbow over St George's

Derek   Diffraction pattern
Derek enjoying breakfast grapefruit juice / Once a physicist...diffraction patterns caused by group of rocks

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2011