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Gazette 77

INDIA - In The Footsteps Of The Buddha 17-31 October 2009

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NB Full details of the trip itinerary are embedded in the photopages here

Wednesday 21 October  Day trip to Sarnath

Karma   Street scene
Karma negotiates autorickshaw fare to Sarnath / Roadside snack bar

Large bell  Sarnath
Karma & Derek with bell at
at the Mulagandhakuti Vihara outside the deer park enclosure in Sarnath
The Bodhi tree is a 2nd generation sapling from the original tree at Bodhgaya

Dhamekh stupa   Dere & Dhamekh stupa
The Dharma Chakra (C5-6th CE) built on the spot where the Buddha gave his first teaching

Asoka column
Karma in the deer park /
The remains of the Ashoka column (C3rd BCE)

 Sheila awaiting autorickshaw back to Varanasi

Thursday 22 October Drive to Kushinagar

cook   fruit stall
Cook making parathas for our lunch in roadside restaurant / Well stocked fruit stall

Bridge   Pyre
Crossing bridge over river / Funeral pyre at riverside

Friday 23 October Kushinagar

hotel garden   Rumabhar stupa
Nicely kept garden in our hotel in Kushinagar /
Sheila & Karma at the
Rumabhar Stupa at the probable spot of the Buddha's cremation

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2009