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Gazette 75

OXFORD 18-20 Sepember 2009

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Old buildings  Old buildings
Everywhere around the old centre of the city are fine examples of old architecture

Old road   Town Hall

Old buildings   Old building

Window display  Bridge buetween buildings
Display in the window of the building on Longwall Street where William Morris manufactured his first cars (left) /
Bridge between two buildings at Hertford College

Radcliffe Camera   Bodleian Library
Buildings in Radcliffe Square - Radcliffe Camera (left) & the Bodleian Library (right)

Radcliffe Square   Bodleian Library
The Bodleian Library (right) is one of the 5 Legal Deposit Libraries of the UK
& so houses copies of Derek's books

Bodleian Library   Old building
The Bodleian main entrance (left) & another building of the same complex

Apart from taking in some of the sights, we also revived ourselves in several historic pubs
& had fine dinners in the Randolph restaurant & the Brasserie Blanc

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2009