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Gazette 62

INDIA December 2008 - January 2009

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Children playing  Yuletide dinner
Children enjoying the playground in the gardens Christmas afternoon / Yuletide dinner at the Kandeel Restaurant

  Sheila at temple gate  
Steps up to Chandreshwar Bhutnath Temple
Sheila at the temple gate of Chandreshwar Bhutnath Hindu Temple near Paroda S Goa /
The temple is reached via  hundreds of steps up to the top of Chandranath Hill (350m)

Distant view of the beaches  Damodar Hindu Temple
View towards the beaches from the top / Sheila at Damodar Hindu Temple at Zambaulin village S Goa

 Derek with Lingam   Shantadurga Hindu temple
Derek at Damodar Temple / Shantadurga Hindu Temple near Ponda S Goa

Margao night scene
Night scene in Margao from Kandeel Restaurant on our last night in Goa

Singer  Children dancing
Performers at amateur show in the Municipal Gardens

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2008