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Gazette 52

Derek's 65th Birthday Celebrations in Hong Kong  January/February 2008

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Derek at main prayer hall at Po Lin monastery   Derek by the large Buddha image
The weather was not kind to us on the birthday
Derek with umbrella in front of the main prayer hall at Po Lin monastery (left) /
The giant Buddha image briefly came into view for a photograph

Giant Buddha statue At Po Lin monastery

The "Spicy Crab under the Bridge" restaurant seats about a dozen and
is underneath a flyover in the former red light district of Wanchai on Hong Kong Island
We bought a screwtop bottle of red wine in a convenience store
and ordered a big crab from the very friendly and helpful proprietor

Our crab   Derek anticipates the crab
Our live crab / It's a bit draughty here, Sheila

The crab arrives   Yummy!
A few minutes later the chilli crab is served / How about that for a crab claw!

Sheila and crab claw   Not much left
And this one! / All that remains is the empty shell and a pile of crispy garlic, ginger, chilli & green onions

Bubbly in hotel room   Nightcap
Back at the hotel Sheila had ordered a surprise bottle of bubbly for a nightcap

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2008