Spent Brothers Productions
Gazette 165

INDIA - Goa/Mumbai  Dec/Jan 2019/2020

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Derek in park  Sheila in park
Christmas Day in the Margao Municipal Gardens

Fruit  Prepared fruit
Breakfast #5 - unknown fruit with tough skin, pips & crisp, sweet/sour flesh

Father Christmas in countryside  Pedro's beach bar
In the coutryside - Santa playing a sax / Our beach local Pedro's restaurant - this part is the original building which we first visited in 1993

Pedor's  Pedro's
Since then it has grown & grown, out & up...

Christmas tree of beer bottles  Derek
Pedro's Christmas tree of beer bottles / Post swim, Derek awaits refreshments

Itinerant knife sharpener  Sheila
Itinerant knife sharpener / Sheila with fresh lime soda, a favourite refresher

Cow being washed in the sea
Animal getting a scrub down in the sea

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2019/20