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Gazette 164

SAN FRANCISCO  October 2019

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Sheila  Bay Bridge
Sheila with the Golden Gate Bridge hiding in the mist / The Bay Bridge at night

Sheila  Church
Sheila at the famous Haight Ashbury intersection / Saint Ignatius Church from Buena Vista Park

Golden Gate Bridge  Sheila
The Golden Gate Bridge from the park / Sheila in Union Square

Derek  Band
Derek in Union Square / On one day, old friend Allan met us & we went over to Berkeley to enjoy the free event Cornerfest. Dirty Cello perform

Band  Allan & Derek
Followed by Locura / Allan & Derek with "IPA" from the Cornestone brewery

Derek & Sheila  Allan & Sheila
Derek & Sheila / Allan & Sheila

Band  Local character
The headliners Midtown Social perform / A local character keen to be seen

Derek  Sheila
Derek & Sheila enjoy a last glass of prosecco in Union Square on our last day

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2019