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MALAGA Easter 2018

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In Malaga, & other places in Spain, over the Holy Week period there are a number of long processions.
Organised by brotherhoods (hermandades or cofradías in Spanish),
the processions are parades consisting of at least two large floats, one carrying a Christ figure and the other
a figure of the virgin with members of the brotherhood carrying the floats or walking in front of them.

Figure of Christ  Procession
Float carrying Christ figure

Processors  Processors

Parade  Parade

Parade  Float
Second float with Virgin Mary image (right)

Float  Float
These floats are carried by scores of  brotherhood members

Cathedral  Sheila on hotel roof
View of the cathedral from the pool on the hotel roof / Sheila by the pool

Old building  Sheila in restaurant
Old building in Plaza del Obispo / Sheila enjoying final dinner of potatas bravas, prawns in hot oil & goose pate on toast with raspberry sauce

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2018