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HONG KONG  Birthday visit January 2018

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Spicy crab  Baked large oysters in Chinese wine
Our visit to Hong Kong was to celebrate Derek's 75th birthday by eating at Under Bridge Spicy Crab restaurant in Wanchai
with spicy crab (left) & huge oysters baked in Chinese wine (right).

Derek   Remains of crab
Derek with birthday card handmade by Jade / Well, that's done that justice.

Wet & misty day
The next day was particularly wet & cold so we relaxed in our room with a glass or two before going out for dinner...

Thinly sliced marbled beef for the hot pot  Prawns
...at a hot pot restaurant, where one cooks one's own meal in a large pot of simmering stock:
thinly sliced marbled beef & large skewered prawns that were still alive...

Hot pot
...& cooked in a matter of seconds. When the meat, shellfish & vegetables have been consumed, the broth is delicious.

Derek & Taoist temple  Sheila at Taoist temple
Derek enjoying a cold beer in a small park adjacent to the Pak Tai taoist temple in Wanchai, which we had not visited before. /
Sheila at the temple gate. Inside were many locals engaged in worship.

The blue house in wanchai
The Blue House, a 4-storey balcony-type tenement block located in Wan Chai close to the temple above.
It is one of the few remaining examples of tenement buildings of the balcony type in Hong Kong and is listed as Grade I historic building.
The ground floor houses the Hong Kong Storytelling Centre.

Crispy pork  Scallops with vegetables
Last dinner out in Hong Kong at the Fortune Cuisine near the hotel
- succulent crispy pork with crunchy skin & scallops with vegetables.

Mystery smoke
We never discovered what caused this huge cloud of black smoke rising from Tsimshatsui harbourside.

Sheila & New Year sign  Derek
Sheila with sign in Victoria Park proclaiming the upcoming Lunar New Year (Year of the Dog beginning 16 February 2018) /
Derek enjoying complimentary cocktails & snacks in the hotel's executive lounge, before our car to the airport arrived.

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2018