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Gazette 151

INDIA  Yuletide visit to Goa & Mumbai Dec '16 - Jan '17

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Sheila in park   Old American cars
Sheila on her birthday afternoon in Margao Municipal Park /
Unusual sight in India - 1960s Plymouth Valiants in the road outside our hotel

Sheila with birthday cards  Stuffed crab
Sheila with her birthday cards before going out to Longuinhos for dinner / Stuffed crab with cheese topping...

Indian dinner  Sheila in restaaurant garden
...Kashmiri spinach, prawn vindaloo & naan bread /
Sheila perusing the menu in the garden of the Venice retaurant on our anniversary afternoon 20 December

School's out!  Traffic jam
Thursday 22 December - end of term at the Fatima Convent Girls School opposite our hotel,
causing a fine traffic jam in the street outside

Derek at beach  Sunset
Later that day, Derek at Benaulin beach drying off after a swim in lovely warm water /
Sunset over Margao rooftops

Derek in restaurant garden  Benaulin beach
Derek enjuoying a Goan King's beer in the Venice garden Friday 23 December /
Benaulin beach on Christmas Eve

Empty street on Christmas Day   Margao Municipal Park
Empty road outside our hotel on Christmas Day / A relaxing afternoon in Margao Municipal Park

Fried oysters  Christmas dinner
Christmas dinner - fried semolina coated oysters, Special prawn curry rice with kismur, papad & chicken tikka

Bebinca  Sheila ta Benauling beach
Finished off with famous Goan dessert bebinca / Last visit to the beach on Boxing Day...

Derek at pedro's beach restaurant
...& a last G & T at Pedro's beach restaurant

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016