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Gazette 145

GRENADA  21-28 March 2016

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Morne Rouge Bay  Sheila & beer
Morne Rouge Bay / Enjoying a beer at Sur La Mer

Sheila  Sheila with bottle of champagne
Sheila having a swim in the bay / Our friends Trev & Di stayed at our hotel a few days before us
& very kindly arranged for a bottle of champagne to be left in our room on arrival

Sheila  Yacht in the bay
Cheers Trev & Di! / Old fashioned sailing yacht in the bay

Chicken liver starter
 Creamy garlic lobster
Delicious chicken liver starter at our favourite restaurant Le Chateau. & divine creamy garlic lobster

 Our balcony
Yummy! / Our balcony

Derek at Umbrellas  Sheila
Enjoying a Bloody Mary at Umbrellas on our last morning. We'll be back...

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016