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Gazette 127

GRENADA March 2014

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Morne Rouge Bay from above  Headlands
Morne Rouge Bay from above / The headlands south of the bay

Morne Rouge Bay

Wide angle panorama of Morne Rouge Bay from beach restaurant

Derek enjoys a beer  Sheila enjoiys a beer
Enjoying a Carib beer before having a dip...

Sheila in the sea  Sheila in hotel swimming pool
...in the bay & later in the hotel swimming pool

Shrimp Creole  Lobster garlic
Our two favourite dishes in our friendly local restaurant in Grand Anse - Shrimp Creole & creamy garlic lobster

Sheila on beach  Derek on beach
Last visit to Morne Rouge Bay for this year

Wide angle panorama of the bay from the southern end

Sheila  Red insects
Sheila enjoys a final paddle / Group of bright red insects scurrying about

Giant tortoise
Rather slower giant tortoise in the hotel grounds

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2014