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Gazette 107

GRENADA 29 February - 7 March 2012

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Rain  Mourne Rouge Bay
Unusually, we had heavy rain a number of times this year / View of headlands south of Morne Rouge Bay

Mourne Rouge Bay  Mourne Rouge Bay
Morne Rouge Bay from above & from the beach

Sheila  Derek
Sheila & Derek at Sur La Mer bar

Chicken roti  Sheila
Chicken roti lunch / Sheila enjoying the beach

Bananas   Le Chateau
Nice bunch of bananas / Our local, Le Chateau, had moved to a swish new building

Derek enjoying a glass of slightly warm red wine on Le Chateau balcony

Lobster  Shrimp
Our last delicious dinner at Le Chateau - garlic lobster & shrimp creole

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2012