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Gazette 104

INDIA 6-16 October 2011

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Mounatins  Sheila
Mountain scenery / Sheila relaxing in the car during a brief respite

Sheila writing her journal during a lunch break / Snow capped peaks

  Se lake  Derek
Se Tso near the pass / Derek having a beer break whilst a bulldozer clears a landslide off the road

Sheila  Hotel room
Sheila at monastery in Bomdila & in the hotel room we insisted on being upgraded to

Bomdila  Lorry
Bomdila from hotel window / This overloaded truck was having great difficulty climbing this steep stretch

Bumpy road  Derek & car
We won't be sorry to see the end of these terrible roads / Derek having beer break whilst car undergoes slight repairs

Sheila  Cars on highway
Sheila enjoys a break from bouncing around / The nearer car is driving up the dual carriageway highway the wrong way...

View from our window   Bottle of wine
View from our room at the jungle resort near Guwahati / When we checked in for the return flight to Delhi,
the X ray machine detected our plastic bottle containing red wine, which the security officer insisted of taping up

Derek  Taj Palace Delhi
Derek tries (unsuccessfully) the champagne cure for gastro-intestinal woes in the luxurious Taj Palace in Delhi

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2011